Jennifer Bradley is a former television actress, singer, and model. Her experiences in front of the camera, her work with celebrities as a makeup artist, and her personal struggles with skin issues led her to create the only Medical Grade Skincare line paired with a Professional Cosmetic line developed for sensitive skin that work for all.  Read more about Jennifer below in her own words. 

Jennifer Bradley on the red carpet promoting television show South Beach on UPN

Hello, I am a makeup artist & cosmetic engineer that has worked with some famous faces, including Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, and Sharon Osbourne. I have only been using the products that I began creating ages ago out of necessity for myself when working with celebrities, or doing editorials for magazines or spots for television appearances. My products have been featured on television shows, in national magazines, such as People Magazine, Us Weekly, Latina Magazine, and many others.  Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics were one time top sellers on Amazon.com, and have been used by 40 leading artists from a major brand's artist team  at Mercedez Benz fashion week. To see some of me in the press go here PRESS

My desire to create better product came from personal issues with acne and sensitivities to perfumes. It all started when my skin started to break out with rashes and chronic cystic acne at the age of 18. It was really embarrassing for me, and I was desperate to find a solution to my issues. My mother worked for all the top cosmetic lines, so I had access to the most expensive products, and she would bring me home anything that she thought could help me. I also spent quite a bit of money at the dermatologist's office, and that wasn't exactly making it better, either. My skin would clear up, then dry up, then crack, then turn red, and I was scarring on both sides of my face. It was a nightmare.

What was worse, was when I started to get jobs in Los Angeles working on commercials or TV shows, the makeup artists on set could never match my skin tone. Also, the makeup that was used on me would cover OK, but then I would have a major breakout a few days later, and want to not leave the house for a week. 

This is a common problem. I hear from women every day that have a difficult time finding foundation colors that match or products that will not break them out. It seems almost impossible! That is why I began making my own products. By using process of elimination, investigating ingredients, and sourcing only the very best materials, I came up with some solutions that helped clear up my acne, eliminated the constant redness/irritation, and also covered/concealed without looking as though I was wearing any makeup at all. 

I don't suffer from acne anymore, but I am now 40ish, and like everyone else, I want to have smooth, flawless skin that looks effortless. My focus has always been on having great skin and wearing LESS MAKEUP.  I say this constantly: Your skin should be the star of the show. When you walk into the room wearing a signature JB look, people will complement you on how beautiful your skin looks, not how great your makeup looks. This is all about YOU looking your BEST. 

Most people find out about Jennifer Bradley Medical Grade Skincare and Professional Cosmetics from taking one of our Makeup Classes. I really want more women to be less confused about skincare and makeup. My goal is for women to have a system that works for them, not a drawer full of brushes that they have no idea how to use. My makeup classes make the art of transformation FUN and EASY for everyone.

 Working as a stage actor and also as an actor in front of the camera has given me a different perspective on makeup technique. My whole goal is to simplify those advanced makeup techniques and break them down, make them accessible to everyone. I want women to know how to do makeup quickly and effortlessly, and not use 4 different eye shadows and 50 products to create a flawless face. This is makeup! It should be done in less than 15 minutes TOPS. With lashes! 

If you are someone who wants to learn some amazing makeup tricks and tips that will make your life easier, I would highly recommend taking one of my makeup classes that my unbelievably talented tribe of artists teach all over the USA. We have makeup classes on various super fun subjects, like Makeup 101, The Art of Contouring,  Fabulous and 50, and much more. The makeup artists that are on the JB team are trained, talented, extraordinary humans. I like to say that we are "Good People Who Do Great Makeup." 

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If  attend one of our makeup classes, be prepared to learn some new makeup techniques,  have a fantastic makeover, and to have a great time. A lot of people book the classes in small groups of 2, 3, or 4.  Larger parties are not recommended, only because it is more difficult to give as much one on one attention to each person. 

We only use our products that I developed, and you will thank us for that, because they truly are the best skincare and cosmetics you will ever use in your life. There is never an obligation to buy anything, and we are not some pyramid, multi level marketing company. We don't have to push products on people when they are this extraordinary.

Jennifer Bradley is the only company to combine Medical Grade Skincare with Professional Cosmetics. You can read more about my product line below. 

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Wishing you peace, love, and lipgloss



Jennifer Bradley is committed to creating superior products that have no equal when it comes to quality. The skin care line is formulated for sensitive, problematic skin and contains no fragrance, no mineral oils, and no filler ingredients. Jennifer Bradley medical grade, highly concentrated skincare products work immediately to positively transform skin. This is skincare that actually works and works fast to eliminate brown sun/hormone spots, dramatically diminish wrinkles, combat redness, and keep skin blemish free.


Jennifer Bradley Professional Cosmetics are truly innovative. The 4 in One Smart Makeup is the only product on the market that is a foundation, concealer, dewy powder finish, and SPF that covers like stage or film makeup but feels completely weightless and never causes breakouts.  All of Jennifer Bradley Innovative Cosmetics were created by a professional makeup artist and are the tools used by top artists all over the globe to create flawless, camera or stage ready makeup.




Jennifer Bradley Co. is a Medical Grade Skincare and Innovative Professional Cosmetic Company designed and developed by... you guessed it, Jennifer Bradley, a celebrity makeup artist, and skincare expert. Jennifer started out as a young stage actress/performer in Texas, and moved to Los Angeles to eventually become a television actress, model, and singer. Her experience on stage and in front of the camera and her personal struggle with acne prone skin led her to researching and developing products that she would later use behind the lens as a top makeup artist. Her work has been featured in various publications, such as People Magazine, Selecta International and Us Weekly. She was the personal makeup artist for Barack Obama during his campaign for office. Michelle Obama, Pamela Anderson, Sean Connery, Sharon Osborne and Drew Barrymore are just some of the celebrities who have used Jennifer Bradley products. Jennifer Bradley products were used by over 45 top makeup artists in the 2008 Fashion Week runway shows in New York City.


Jennifer Bradley products are currently being sold exclusively through mega distributor Four Seasons Sales and Service. Check out their website here at www.fstanning.com. Contact Four Seasons to find out how Jennifer Bradley product lines will bring you clients and loyalty.

Jennifer works non stop to discover and develop new, innovative, and effective products. If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback you would like to share with Jennifer, contact her at jenniferbradleyco@gmail.com.